About Us

Who We Are

Faith based group of central Texas men and women honoring wounded American soldiers by building homes and hope.

  • Texas Not for Profit Corporation
  • All volunteer organization
  • Five member Board selected by committee members
    • Sub-committees include Fund Raising, Building, Public Relations, Selection and Financial sub-committees, all led by community volunteers

Mission Statement

The Inspiration of Hope, Love and Security for those Wounded for our Freedom

Vision Statement

To honor and reward bravery by providing a custom built home with hope of restoring a sense of normal life to the family


A Memorial Day Tribute

by Chad Warner

My Memorial Day Tribute......

UPDATE... To everyone who has shared this Memorial Video... I am Overwhelmed with Gratitude & Humbled… Thank You for honoring and remembering America's fallen Heroes this weekend!!! Semper-Fi This is a tribute I created for Memorial Day Weekend...It's a tribute to my fellow Marines Who Gave All in the pursuit of Freedom...There are actually 3 funerals in this tribute that I attended and I am dear friends with the Marine father who is saluting the casket of his Marine son.... God Bless & Remember ALL Our Fallen Heroes This Memorial Day Weekend...

Posted by Chad Warner on Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gary Sinise tells John Peck's story

At the National Memorial Day Concert 2014

A Fighting Chance

As seen on CBS' "60 Minutes"

Click on above photo to play video

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