Our Goals

To Create Awareness

  • 21.8 million military veterans in the United States as of 2014 (Factfinder).
  • 5 million veterans with service-connected disability rating as of 2011.
    • 810,245 disabled veterans have a disability rating of 70 percent or higher. Disability ratings range from 0-100 percent depending on disability (Factfinder).
  • 22 veterans per day commit suicide due to inability to adjust to life after returning from combat.
  • Many veterans have injuries that are unseen, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Post Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

To Bring the Community Together

  • Operation Greater Love is an organization designed to bring volunteers in the community together to build homes for disabled veterans.
  • Operation Greater Love is a way for the community and volunteers to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
  • We are a faith based organization that feels God is guiding us in this endeavor and leading us to do something for those who have given us the ability to have our freedom … all freedoms.
  • We care about our wounded veterans because God wants us to care.

To Raise Funding

  • Donations to Operation Greater Love are accepted and will be utilized for building new homes for disabled veteran. Operation Greater Love is a Texas Not for Profit Corporation.
  • Fund raising will be through various events specified to support Operation Greater Love.
  • Special events will be listed in the Upcoming Events section on the Home page of this website.
  • To make a donation, Donate Here.

To Engage Volunteers

  • As a volunteer organization, the majority of the donations raised will be used to build the homes.
  • Being a volunteer with Operation Greater Love allows one to be a part of something great for not only the veteran, but the community.
  • Being a volunteer allows one to use their personal skills, whatever those are, to do God's work.
  • Interested in Volunteering? Send an email to operationgreaterlove@yahoo.com or fill out our online form.

To Accomplish This at a Fraction of the Cost to the Honorees

  • Our volunteers are from all walks of life and are lending their services at a fraction of the normal cost to build these homes.
  • These include builders, plumbers, electricians, concrete service, etc.
  • This then allows Operation Greater Love to build a nice new home at a fraction of the normal cost.

To Incorporate and Assimilate These Families Into Our Community

  • Veterans and their families placed in the homes built by Operation Greater Love will become a part of the Whitney/Hill County community.
  • If they have children they will become a part of our school community, if they seek religion we have a variety of churches available that will welcome them to their church family, and Operation Greater Love, as a whole, will support the veteran and their family to become active members of the community.
  • They will not be forgotten once the home is built, but will be welcomed to Whitney, Texas.

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