Whitney Veterans Memorial Park

Homes for Veterans

In March 2016, Operation Greater Love announced that it had selected U. S. Air Force veteran Christopher Wolff and his family as the first recipients of a new home. Christopher served in Afghanistan and became paralyzed as a result of a rare reaction to a flu vaccine.

Christopher and his wife Kellie will be moving to Whitney from Colorado with their daughters Karlie and Garyn once the home is completed.

Whitney Veterans Memorial Park

In addition to our primary focus on building homes for wounded American soldiers, we have also built a park to honor America's veterans.

Whitney Veterans Memorial Park is located on FM 933 south of downtown, but within the city limits.

Pavers can be purchased for any veteran from World War I up to the present, whether or not they are currently alive, and whether or not they live in Whitney. They can also be purchased in the name of anyone currently active in the military. Only veteran's and active military names should be engraved onto these pavers.

Honor your loved ones, friends, and others by buying a paver with custom lettering engraved into it. Your paver will be added to the park along with those from others who have chosen to honor our veterans.

Landscape lighting funded with a grant from TNMP.

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